Sadqa & Aqiqa

Aqiqa for Girl

Key Features:Aqiqa is an act of showing gratitude to Almighy Allah for blessing one with a child. G..


Chicken Biryani For Sadqa (Daig)

Key Features:Distributing Daigs of food, mausoleum has a religious importance. You can now get Daig..


Donate a Tree for URBAN FOREST

Key Features:Urban Forest organization is creating forest in and around cities from 100% native spe..


Donate Fan for Hunar Foundation

Key Features:The Hunar Foundation Technical Training Complex for marginalized young men and women i..


Donation/Contribution For Weddings

Key Features:Many needy girls weddings are on hold for not enough resources and monetary support. C..


Food for Needy- Welfare Homes

Key Features:There are thousands of people out on streets who have been starving for days. Eating p..


Ration Sadqa for Needy

Key Features:Ration for the poor is an offer by in which you can have a box full of main..


Sadqa Combo (School Gift)

Key Features:Sadqa is the act of being compassionate and giving charity. Make little kids happy by ..

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