Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil

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Key Features:

Grapefruit oil is famous for its citrus taste, fruity scent, and mood uplifting properties.  The fruity aroma provides a flavorful and energizing feel. It is used for several purposes and benefits. When diffused, it helps in an uplifting mood. Other than that, it contains powerful cleansing properties that make it valuable for skincare. My Shopideas offers a range of essential oils with similar benefits as grapefruit oil. Now you can find grapefruit oil online in Pakistan at best price from My Shopideas.

Uses and Benefits of Grapefruit Oil

  • For Skin: Add it in your daily routine to avoid spots on your skin. You can spread the effects of this oil to your entire body by adding it to your body scrubs, body wash, and hand cleansers. It soothes the body’s skin. Moreover, Grapefruit oil treats oily hair and skin.
  • For Aromatherapy: In aromatherapy, it typically cures a cold, depression, and headache.  The presence of limonene makes this oil great for aromatic use. Pleasing fragrance of this oil improves mood. Rub two or three drops of grapefruit oil onto your neck and shoulders. It enhances your feelings and changes them into positive vibes. Diffusing its mist promotes a sense of focus while studying or reading. Further, it increases motivation. The oil provides additional body and mind benefits when used with other essential oils like peppermint oil. Additionally, Grapefruit essential oil effectively reduces stress, stimulates circulation, increases energy. It enhances mood and improves digestion.
  • As a Flavoring Agent: Fruity flavor of this oil makes it an edible essential in different foods and drinks. It is used to make food tastier and to give them a vitalizing boost.
  • For Massage: It is well-known for its ability to support a healthy metabolism. Enjoy a soothing massage with it.

Note: For external use only. Carrier oils can also be allergic to some people. It’s preferable to do a patch test before widespread use. Test 1 drop on feet and leave for 15 minutes. Discontinue the use if any skin irritation occurs. If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Keep out of eyes and ears. Keep out of reach of children.

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