5pcs Cartoon Sticker LCD Forehead Thermometer for kids

5pcs Cartoon Sticker LCD Forehead Thermometer for kids

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infant baby fever test plastic digtial thermometer Non-stop fever Monitor thermometer Display range: “N”or chinese character stand for normal, 37°C,38°C,39°C, 40°C Resolution:1°C/1.8°F. The unit of this product is Celsius (°C) This product is a plastic digital infant baby temperature thermometer It's can test baby's body temperature fastly and conveniently. 48 hours non-stop fever nonitoring The thermometer can be used repeatedly,but the effect of the sticker will reduce gradually How to use: Peel off the thermometer from the white backing and stick it on baby's forehead Wait 30 seconds before reading the temperature. If letter “N” or chinese character appeared, it is say the temperature of the baby is normal The backing of the product is 3M medical grade sticker, which is non-allergic and can be left on normal skin for up to 48 hours. Caustions: Don't put the products into the place which temperature under 20°C~30°C. Do not put it into sunshine or expose to extreme heat or cold place. Don't use it to test baby's temperature during 30 minutes after baby eating, drinking or exercising. Do not expose the thermometer to fire or hot lamps, keep it in cool and dry place.

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